Art has always been a powerful media that human use to express feelings, emotion and influence perspective of others, that is why Art has taken a big role in Education and Journalism. Art is an important factors that helps promote empathy.

“Our physical worlds and digital worlds are collapsing into one.” Peter McRobert, founder of Pixie Labs

Transitioning from the traditional painting background, I see the possibility to expand        my Artistic work outside of craft materials boundary. Emerging technology such      Extended -Reality (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality) is the next media to embodied in  our everyday lives in the very near future.

Imagine a world we all soon going to live with virtual environment merging into our physical reality, technology is going to evolves us to a deeper and emotional level. Art x Technology is a combination to create new form of storytelling that fitted to the life of digital culture.

My philosophy throughout this futuristic Art journey is to tell good stories and connect social context to my works in a limitless way. I believe that strangeness, uniqueness and wildness are key recipes to break normality in order to create work that is both creative and innovative in one.

My projects has earned grant, public interests and exhibited in international VR festival followed up by being invited as a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Media Communication, Thammasat University. Visit my Project page for more details.

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